What's your Volunteer Personality?

Are you a Green Giant, or more of a Captain? Discover your inner hero below.

1. What image appeals best to you?
2. Were you born before or after 1964?
3. The house is on fire. You grab:
Photo album
The dog
Your laptop
Not on your watch! You join the fire fighters.
Your autographed copy of Harry Potter
Nothing. You're live-tweeting the whole thing.
A jacket
Your Social Security card
Marshmallows and graham crackers
As many paintings as you can
Blankets for your family
Family heirlooms
4. Which looks yummiest?
5. There is an organization that serves children in need. How would you like to help?
Grab a book and a teddy bear and read with a child.
Use your professional skills on a specific project to strengthen the organization.
Strategize, advocate and fundraise for children in need.
6. It's Saturday, what do you want to be doing?
Go for a hike
Wash your car
Take your dog for a walk
Check out the new exhibit at the museum
Run errands
Curl up on the couch with a book
Go for a run
Visit your family
A night on the town
Protest something
Work in the yard
7. What is your favorite color?
8. Pick an animal.
9. What do you live closest to?
Tower City
University Circle
West Side Market
Cleveland Hopkins Airport
Beachwood Place
Lorain County Community College
Lakeland Community College
Akron Rubber Ducks Stadium
I don't live near any of these
10. Pick a house.
11. Vacation time! Where are you headed?
The Appalachian Trail
Hitting the slopes
Disney World
Visiting Family
The Amazon Rainforest
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